Tiko Council Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III drills Bike Riders on transport rules

Tiko Council Mayor HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III drills Bike Riders on transport rules

The mayor of Tiko Council, HRH Peter Ikome Mesoso III in a bid to bring order in the motor cycle sector in the municipality,on Tuesday February 7,2023 had a one on one with Bike Riders.

The meeting that took place at the Tiko banquet hall was an opportunity for the chief Shepherd of Tiko Municipality to brainstormed the Bike Riders on innovations which has been introduced into the sector.He started by wishing them a happy New year.

During the meeting the mayor thanked the riders of Tiko Municipality for the collaboration that has existed between Tiko Council and the Riders.He went further to educate the riders on transport rules such as; for the riders to make sure their bikes are in gud shape before heating the road,have their helmets,put on their jackets and respect the high way code.

To mayor Mesoso,these to the riders is a reawakening because in the days ahead a team from the ministry of transport will be in Tiko to add more impetus to the transport rules.

The meeting that brought together over 500 Bike Riders saw the mayor in the presence of the chief of municipal police and Town planning, calling on the Riders that the council cannot move without them,so they are called upon to pay their taxes so that the council can attained it’s objective.

The mayor ended the meeting by calling on the executives of the Bike Riders union from mutengene through Tiko and Mongo to submit to his office names of those who are in need of licences for him to facilitate the process so that in the days ahead they will have their licences free plus those without National identity card.

To the Riders,mayor Mesoso is a blessing to Tiko Municipality and they are behind him and promised him that come 2025 he will be re-elected to pilot Tiko municipality.

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