Councils of Fako and Mezam Division share experiences on preparation of Budgets

Councils of Fako and Mezam Division share experiences on preparation of Budgets

Some five Councils and Two city councils from Fako Division in the south West region and Mezam Division in the North West region last Friday July 28,2023 were part of an inter Regional Conference for Experience sharing and learning for Municipal Councils and Civil Soceity Organisations on citizen participation.

The conference that took place in limbe, Fako Division organised by Inter Faith Vision Foundation Cameroon, IVFCAM, was out to strengthen Accountability mechanism in Subnational Governments in Cameroon, SAMS.

Representing the gate way city, Tiko Council during the conference, the Fourt Deputy Mayor, Waindim Rudolf and Head of Local Solutions Mr Sone Julius presented the successes and challenges face in engaging Civil Soceity Organisations and local Population in Budget Elaboration , Execution and Monitoring.The conference that was timely it should be noted came at a time when Tiko Council has launched it’s citizen participation ahead of the Budget Orientation which will pave the way for the 2024 Budget.

Tiko Council, it should be noted was praised during the conference for involving the local population and civil society Organisations in preparation of it’s budget for the past three years by Organising citizen participation ahead of it’s budgetary session.

The conference ended with participants outlining their Annual platform and plans for the next phase as Tiko council are already in practise whereby the various 17 Zones and Market Management Committees are involved.

Tiko,the gateway city.

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