Technical Service

Technical Service

The functions of town planning office are as follows.


1.     Verify the authenticity of land documents

2.     Evacuate illegal occupants in other to free public land

3.     Stop unauthorized or dangerous activities on the roads

4.     Confiscate the goods of illegally installed traders

5.     Immobilize wrongly parked vehicles

6.     Identify unauthorized waste depots for removal

7.     Prepare building authorization files

8.     Carry out  field trips to verify building authorizations ,construction sites

9.     Verify the respect of the technical standards of construction and town planning

10.                        Verify the conformity of plans to building permit files

11.                        Detect illegal constructions

12.                        Note land developments, prepare reports noting land developments

13.                        Impose fines where necessary

14.                        Prepare and serve order to stop work on construction sites in default







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Tiko Roundabout,Tiko
SW region, cameroon

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Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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